Mankind in the labyrinth of the world(6 آذر 1397)

Mankind in the labyrinth of the world
مدرس : سرکار خانم تنها - یک کارگاه دو جلسه ای به زبان انگلیسی به روش مباحثه ی آزاد در زمینه ی :

Since humankind started his mysterious journey in this world, he has had a great attempt to find the answer of his arising questions as to how this journey will be accomplished. He has felt an overwhelming desire to dream of its ending. To gratify our curiosity as a human being, we are going to come together and explore on this path, enjoying diversity of beliefs, thoughts and notions through variety of activities. If you are enthusiastic about arcane matters, if you are engrossed in controversial issues, if you have particular interest in this topicand if you enjoy intermediate or upper intermediate English level, your presence sould be appreciated in this gathering which is coming up in 2 sessions on Tuesday
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